Dr. Susan Barrett, PhD

If you are considering therapy, you are looking for some way to make your life better. Perhaps you want to understand yourself more or move through a time of transition. Perhaps you want to focus on a relationship, learning more about how to interact differently with a loved one. Or, maybe, you have some important goal you want to be successful in achieving.

As a therapist, I work in dialogue with you. You bring to the dialogue your confusion, pain, problems and joys. You bring your resilience and strengths and the knowledge that you have changed many times before in your life. You also bring your assumptions and beliefs about your life as well as the meaning your situation has for you.

I bring my knowledge and skills as well as my ability to engage with you. I also bring my knowledge of themes and patterns common to many adults, using that knowledge as lens through which to view your situation. Together, through reflective participation that is possible as trust is built, we come to understand your situation and what you need for yourself.

I have a profound respect for the potential and ability to grow and change through all the decades of adulthood. Sometimes that change is overt such as developing a new career or relationship. Sometimes the change is internal such as enjoying more “being” and less “doing.” It is your life and your path we follow.